Unveiling the Cause’ is a practice designed to improve the conservation in the museums showcasing one of the crucial causes for the pests in different museums. Since humans are the largest pests bringing in all the dirt, mud, food and other pest causing substances, the idea is to make use of them to now reduce the amount of these pest causing substances.

We have designed a museum by the visitors for the visitors, displaying all the collections from the other museums. These collections are the food and the lifestyle of the pests, so it will be used for research purposes in our museum to conserve the other historic museums in return by studying the increase/decrease of a certain type of element causing the pests and taking appropriate actions. Our museum will consist of a wall full of sample collections displayed for the visitors to see the elements from a zoomed in and zoomed out perspective. It will also be giving out information on where and when the sample was taken, what all was collected, how much a particular substance instigates the causing of a pest and what is the level of danger to the exhibits.

This museum is designed to make the visitors aware of their involvement and their impact on the existing museums due to their unconscious activities and ultimately help the conservation of the existing museums.

Tags: A comparison has been drawn between various museums.